How do I "finger" on the keyboard? is it like a finger for each key next to each other? Like.......

Thumb- G
Index- A
Middle- B
Ring- C
Pinky- D

^^ Right hand

My fingers trip over each other when I do ascending scales and stuff.

Another question if you guys don't mind, is the left hand strictly restricted to the left side of the middle C?

Hope that was clear....

Finger however pleases you, there is no "right" way to finger, as long as it feels good and pleasant to the ears.
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Your fingering should be set according to what is coming up in the song, so there is no technically correct way. However, if your fingers are tripping over each other this suggests you need to change it.

For an ascending C major scale on the right hand the typical way to play is:

C3 - 1
D - 2
E- 3
F - 1 (slide your thumb under)
G - 2
A - 3
B - 4
C4 - 5

Where 1 is your thumb, 2 index etc. For the left hand you should do it the opposite way (start on little finger, then when you get to A slide your middle finger over your thumb), so it would go 5 4 3 2 1 3 2 1. If you want to do 2 octaves you should slide your thumb under again to play the C4 and then proceed to do an octave the way I have above. This will work for most major scales (not F).

Also your left hand is not restricted to playing below middle c, and if you watch videos of people playing virtuoso pieces you usually see them crossing hands and playing treble with the left hand and bass with the right in some cases.
Do what's comfortable, there's no wrong on the piano I believe. Unlike the guitar, if you play it wrong, you'll notice it right away.
Get a teacher.

To play a C major scale the fingering is thumb, index, middle, thumb, index, middle, ring, pinky.

You tuck your thumb under when ascending. Watch a tutorial on youtube for how to play scales on piano.
Alright, I got it.

Quote by griffRG7321
Get a teacher.

I am working on that.

Thanks guys, I can play scales well now.