My cover version of Coldplay's power ballad "Fix You", with a softer, vocals & piano arrangement, backed with vocal harmonies, winds and strings.

I dedicate this to my sister, whose dearest friend had lost her battle with bowel cancer. The video was inspired by a photo she keeps on the fridge:


If you like it, please leave a comment. I'm also open to suggestions and critique. Of course, I will return any C4C.

Thanks peoples.
Well, that was really beautifull, I need to say. My admirations for doing and recording everything in this song, cause I know how hard is to make something like that. The whole track sounds good to me, without any crucial mistakes, and the singing was decent. Great work and regards that you do this for you sister. My apologies for her friend, I am sure she is thankful to you and appreciate your work!

C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_DgCl0O_Gc
I really enjoyed this. Im am impressed by the arrangment. I like your voice. Its unique, but in a very very good way! I want to hear more! I subcribed to you on Youtube! Great Job!

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Why pluck just one string when you can...

so beautiful!! you are just talnted (:
i love it so much <3 and well, the rest of it i already told you (:
Yep, tear jerker. I showed it to my dad, he loves coldplay.

There was *one* spot where I thought the vocal harmonies went out for a bit. Other than that, solid! Video brought it home well too.

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Really beautiful, full arrangement. Very heartfelt, much less "arena-rock" than the original (though I love the original, too). Vocals sound great with this song. It calls for a soft, sensitive vocal and you nailed it. I'll be sure to subscribe, man. And if you'd like please check out my stuff: