Hi, sorry if this sounds a bit stupid, I don't really use effects on my guitar, most of the time it's just guitar straight into the amp. But what is the point of rack mounted effects units? Like this kind of thing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:FOH_Racks-2.jpg
Why would you use these when you could just use much smaller pedals?
Thanks in advance, Dave
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For simplicity. If you use a lot of effects, you don't want a massive pedalboard that requires 7 pedal presses when you go into a new song, or a different part of a song. Most rack FX processors are capable of switching amp channels, and turning multiple effects on/off with a single footswitch press.

You can also get a lot of preamps and power amps that are rack mounted, so your entire rig can be locked up safe in a padded rack case.
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Pretty much the above. Having everything in one-two midi switchable unit with a good midi switcher will let you change all your settings with just one button. Beats tapdancing live...its also much easier to set up and lug around.
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