Hey there! I'm a proud owner of a peavey vypyr 15! So the other day I was playing and I decided to crank up the volume and when it exceeded half of the volume, my amp started to break up and it started to make "tk" sounds. So, I plugged it onto my stereo amp through the head phones out and it sounded cool but it was too digital. So I was wondering if it was possible to plug the vypyr onto a 2x12 or 4x12 cabinet somehow.
If so can you please suggest a few good guitar cabinets under 300$? Thanks guys!
Yamaha Pacifica 012
Peavey Vypyr 15

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your amp would need a amp out to run a cab and i'm pretty sure it doesn' t have that feature. even if it did that wouldn't change anything you'd still ave the same problem when you turn up the amp. it's meant to be a practice amp and nothing more.
If you really need that much volume (I don't with mine at practices, but I do get mic'ed at gigs), I would just use the $300 and buy a bigger version.
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