Ok another pedal board order question again.I got the advice about what should go where from the latest Guitarist mag so if any of it is were you think it shouldnt be please let me know, i was just following what i read in the magazine!!! I have my board set up like so, the wah being first then the others are in the order they are in on my board:
Crybaby wah
Tc electronic polytune
Ibanez ts8 tube screamer
MXR Phase 90 script logo with LED
Fender/Boss 63 reverb replica.

Right the question is: where would i put my two latest adiitions: BBE soul vibe (univibe replica) and an ART ABY channel/amp switching box. Yeh where do these go in my chain?thats it, any help extremely appreciated.Ta.
This is how I would put it


Not sure with ABY

Where's Waldo?

The ABY depends on what you are trying to accomplish with it. It usually goes at the beginning of a chain, in order to switch between pedals (or sets of pedals). The tuner usually is your first pedal. Better to get a clean tone to it. That's about all my little brain knows.