I have an immensely high action on my electric guitar and after playing for abit on my friends Ibanez, I feel I may need to lower the action. How would I go about lowering the action on my electric? (It's no Floyd Rose)

Also, before I go ahead and lower the action, what are the benefits of having a low action and the benefits of having a high action?

i said in another thread you want to have a good mix of hieght/ playability.

1st, buzz. it kills your tone more than anything so it is king. you need to go as high as you can so that that you have no buzz. no higher. however, there are otehr things to consider:

pickups - some have adjustable rings...but the closer the strings are the more output and bite you will get. in contrast, too close and your pups have too much magnetic pull on the strings, which does effect tone (negatively)

kind of playing - if you play slide, you probably have a crazy high action. stuff like that

the point of a high action is that you want your strings to vibrate freely. if you strum hard, your causing string to vibrate more, and have a larger change of them vibrating into the frets causing buzz. it goes without saying, if you strumm crazy hard, you might need a higher action.

other than playing slide or getting unessesary buzz - there is no other benefit to an unessesarily high action. it just makes the guitar harder to play. its a proper mix of all qualities that is important

PROS: fuller tone, better sustain, better attack and dynamics, less fret buzzes
CONS: thicker strings, imprecise bendings and intonation, harder to play


PROS: softer strings, precise bendings and intonation, easier to play
CONS: thinner tone, less sustain, less attack and dynamics, more fret buzzes
just-right action
Just set up the action for YOU. There is no one measurement that will work for every guitar.

I have had 4 Strats, 2 Americans, 1 Mexican, and 1 20th Ann. Squier. All had different actions set to that guitar to conform to my playing. Strangely my Mexican (which I kept over the Americans) had the lowest and best feeling action of all 4.

What you do, is look up the manual for your exact guitar. Then find the setup and measurment pages and set up the guitar to factory specs. This includes Truss Rod, Action, and Intonation. Then play it for a few days, if you are getting Fret Buzz, start slowly raising the action until there isn't any bad fret buzz, you do this by playing it under normal conditions and using your normal picking style. If you did the whole setup and there is no fret buzz, then you win! You can try lowering the action farther to make a better playing instrument, you just lower the strings until it starts to buzz and then raise it back up a 1/4 turn or so, but if you hit factory settings (which generally are the low side anyways) and have no buzz, you are usually good to go.
I like medium action.

The biggest reason is that I don't like the strings being too loose as I prefer to feel some tension under the string when doing bends. It's just personal preference.
I don't think this is something that can be discussed objectively. Most people seem to like low action, but I hate it. I can't tolerate fret buzz. Also, I feel that I can control my bends (and all of my technique, really) much more when my action is high, compared to when it is low.

So it really just depends on the person. Just try it for yourself TS. It's not hard to adjust. And that's the best way to find out what's right for you.
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Medium action FTW, high enough to have no buzz ANYWHERE, but still low enough that you can shred easily, it gives the open notes better resonance, so it sounds ballsier, fuller tone, all the notes can ring out, and not to mention sustain is increased.
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