i uninstalled my pro tools 7.1.1 cause i was having problems with it, and i thought i had it all figured out where i could reinstall it with a program i downloaded, but it turns out a was mistaken, and now here i am with no pro tools and god only knows where my installer disk is. does anybody know of a way i can re-install pro tools LE without my disk? i have the m-box here.. but it wont even turn on until i set it up again, which i also dont think i can do without the software installed. this sucks, please help. any input at all is greatly appreciated
ty for the link, but actually i found the place where i can download teh software legit off the website. but what good is that if they dont offer you an authorization code? i pretty much still need the c-d cause the code is printed on it. lol. wth shud i do this is pissing me off. i was so excited for a second thinking i had it all figured out, but then this code thing comes up
I don't know if they still offer support for Pro Tools but you could try contacting the company and if you registered it before they should be able to check your name against the licences code.
ah man u almost saved my life man ^ that didnt work. is that for LE 7.1.1? cause thats what i have. and yea ill contact the company maYBE this will all work out
OH MY GOD I FOUND MY DISK. i went outside to smoke and started rooting thru oxes and all the stuff i need was in like the 3rd box i checked. dude ur awesome for looking for one for me tho. anything i can to do thank you? it doesnt look like i got your PM anyway. i wonder if the mods are not ok with this kind of information transfer
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you might wanna delete you link...not sure how mods feel about that...

yea i was thinking the same thing. no worries tho! i found what i needed in my garage! im so stoked. thanks for the help guys