I practice singing with a microphone and headphones, so I can hear wether I suck or not.

And I'm wondering which is the best way to hear myself, pan the sound all to the left/right or leave it in the centre?

Every time I switch it, it seems that's it's better than the previous one. But which is most benefitial to singing?
You should double it and pan one track entirely to the right and the other entirely to the left is what I prefer to do.

EDIT: Sorry, I read your post wrong, I thought you were talking about recorded vocals. In your case it doesn't hurt having everything put in the center so you can hear your voice with both ears I suppose.
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I imagine that like virtually every mic, you can only sing into one side of it at once, so it will only get a mono signal to your computer/mixer/whatever. So it doesn't matter, really. Whatever you like.