I've never heard of this company before, never tried one of their basses, but I had some cash to spare and manage to nab it for £170. I imagine at the very least it'll be good enough for me to get a feel for a fretless bass. Anyone in the know able to tell me anything about the quality of the bass or the company?



Body 20mm Solid Walnut Top and 20mm Maple back
Neck 5 Pieces Maple/Rosewood
Fingerboard Rosewood with Fretlines
Scale 864mm

Width on the first fret 55 mm
Machine Heads Black Diecast
Pickups 2 X MM Active Humbucker
Controls Active ( Volume - Blend - Bass - Midden - Treble )
Finish Satin

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The link doesn't help in the least bit
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Link doesn't really work, tell us the info you know in here
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link works for me... probably because its a .co.uk link

lol @ the company name fanndec

but looks actually really good.

good score!
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You'll probably get a good feel for it, but I can't imagine that it would be very high quality for that low of a price...

Looks nice and everything in the pics, but you never know.

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You'll probably get a good feel for it, but I can't imagine that it would be very high quality for that low of a price...

Looks nice and everything in the pics, but you never know.

To be fair, that's really more to do with the bidders than anything. According to the user's history the same bass has gone in the past for a few hundred more. I mean, you may be right of course. But it was just a generic start-mega-low bid. I can only hope :P I will post back when I get it and try it out
For that price there'd have to be something really wrong with it to make it not worth spending a little on it to get it to play perfectly. £170 for a blank that looks that nice, if it feels nice, is good. Even if you have to change the electronics it would still be worth it. But it may just need a good set-up, like most new Basses, just so it's right for you.

Nice find.
I honestly dont know what it plays like, but it looks fucking gorgeous.
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Hehe, I wanted to ask for some advice here before bidding.... but I decided that would be stupid :P

Good point, KingBollock. Quite pleased now
Damn that bass looks sexy. If only the electronics are bad (very likely from an unknown cheap brand) you could simply upgrade them if you wish to keep it.
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I looked at a similar bass a while ago but the reviews I found were a little mixed. A few people had a few problems with them so I don't think their quality control is great, but a couple of them were lucky and got a very high quality bass. I can't remember anything major being wrong with any of them just loose connections etc. which are probably fairly easy to fix.
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Hmm, got another question, thought I might as well throw it in here. I'll make a thread if it gets no attention :P

Will the same amp I use for my normal bass cut the mustard or do you look for different amps when it comes to a fretless? I have a Laney RB9 head and RB115 cab.
That looks like a damn fine bass. If the quality isn't that bad, and the electronics are the only shoddy thing, that could be a lovely axe.
I too bought a Fannder instrument and haven't been able to find out much about them.I got my guitar directly from the company rep at the NAMM show in 2010. I can tell you this much, they are a Chinese company.The guitar I bought is pretty nice, but then everything that a company brings to NAMM is going to be the best of the best so it shows well to potential buyers. I go every year to Anaheim Ca. for this trade show and Fannder hasn't been back since 2010. I don't know why that is.
I'd like to show everyone what it looks like but the "attach photo" button opens a "format text " window???
This is a 3 yr old thread, I doubt they care anymore.

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