I am looking for a electric-acoustic nylon string guitar. Can you show me some good brands/models? What should I consider when buying a classical guitar?

Sub question: What kind of wood is on the fingerboard/fretboard of a classical guitar? Every classical guitar I seen has a black wood on the fretboard, so I am guessing it's ebony?

You scalloped one? Hmmm, never seen that. Was it a preference thing or is there another reason.

Also, just remember that classical guitars usually don't have compensated saddles so the intonation can be crappy on even a really high end guitars. I've never had the money to test this but in order to get good intonation you could try to mix and match string gauge (because you can't mess with string length or bridge position.)

Yamaha made a pretty sweet electro-nylon guitar a couple of ears ago, pretty great guitar. So my suggestion would be Yamaha maybe 500-700 dollar range.
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Yamaha's. Definitely. Not a fan myself but it's great for the price, and have very good quality.
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