I recently bought a 2x12 Orange closed back cab which im going to use to replace my avatar 2x12. Until i sell the avatar i've been running them together. Is it safe to connect the cabs together with an instrument cable or is there a potential to damage something here?
Pretty sure an instrument cable will melt, in the end, if used that way.
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Never, ever, ever use instrument cables to connect amps/cabs. They are not designed to handle the load put out by the power section of an amp. As pigeonmafia stated, you will end up melting the cable, and the first sign of that is usually your output transformer in your head going POP due to running without a load.
*Edit* I never use anything thinner than this to connect my heads and speakers, just to be safe: http://images.thomann.de/pics/prod/185408.jpg
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you can use an instrument cable for a brief period of time but it is not a long term solution.

i doubt the cable would melt but you could do damage to your amp - especially if it is a tube amp.

what amp are you running TS?

are you cutting your Ohm load in half?
I have an 18W Marshall type clone
Im running through an orange 2x12 and an avatar 2x12 both at 16 ohms
so basically the path goes amp out>>>Orange 2x12>>>>Avatar 2x12
not sure how that goes in terms of ohms. The instrument cable i was using goes between the orange and the avatar.