Hey I'm thinking of getting a new distortion pedal and I'm looking for thoughts on the DS-1 Keeley. I listened to it on youtube and it sounds pretty damn good to me but I can't try it out in person because they don't seem to be something music stores carry very much. I'm looking for hard rock distortion but not metal-type. Thoughts from those who own one?
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I have one I recently got super cheap, used, at a local store. I like it 10x better than the unmodded pedal. That said, it's not really my cup of tea, seems to be most popular with the heavy metal crowd from what I've seen. Is it worth having? Yes. I like to have a variety of pedals for each given type so I can change my sound at will. I have a long way to go before I'll have enough pedals, so I will always have this one, and will be quite happy with it. But I don't really use it much. I prefer my Boss MD-2 and my Ibanez JD-9 the most. I like the deeper tone from them. If you can find one at the right price, I'd still highly recommend it. It's a nice pedal overall. Good luck w/e way you go.
I tried one at my dads friends sons house. it was pretty cool. i haven't owned a regular ds-1 but that keeley mod thing sounded great and i could get some good hard rock/rock distortion out of it strait into a peavey vypr
haven't played it but why not look into something like a full tone ocd? i realize the pedal is modded but boss pedals are crap in the first place so i can't imagine that they can be helped all that much...

take a look at the ocd, mxr overdrive, or just a simple tubescreamer
I did it and hated it, it still had this nasty low end flub, like the low end bass is being distorted. All the keeley mod does is add mainly 1uf caps to compensate for noise. The best thing the mod does is bridging a 47pf cap across the clipping diodes.

The majority of the DS-1's fizz comes from biasing Q2 way to hot, so it sounds like a cat being raped, and none of the Keeley mods change this.

I did a mixture of different mods, and I quite like it over almost all the available mods out there.

Here's what it sounds like, if you want the details of the mod, you can PM me for them.