Herman Li has one i think they're called hot hand... they modulate the effect using sensors or somin..
that was strange, impressive, but sounded shitty at the same time...
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It looks like the guitarist is too busy texting on his blackberry to be playing guitar.

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He's using what is called a 'woolly glove'. It creates a chemical bond between the strings and the hands which sends signals directly to the bassists' conscience to broadcast the finest of bass wubs from within.

That other thing is just a home made Green Lantern ring with the wrong coloured LED
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it's a live cover of skrillex, the guy on the bass does some cool stuff. Does anyone know what effects he is using?

it's starts at about 0:55

I think he's using his hands to modulate an filter or three, somehow. I think he's using his left to slide for pitch?
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It looks like the guitarist is too busy texting on his blackberry to be playing guitar.


also, your sig is relevant

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reminds me of the metallica cover on kazoos
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He was playing the bass?
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That was pretty sweet.
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