Other than the switch on the bottom right of the pedal, is there any real big difference? I'm looking to replace a Crybaby that I had for ten years with one of these guys and I do enjoy the way that a Power Wah sounds, and they are the same price used on Guitar Center's website. Any big difference?
Um yes. A lot. I recommend the Tremonti Wah. His wah has a very unique blend of frequencies. He got rid of the really high, tinny frequencies that hurt your ears. It just sounds fantastic. Plus not having to put your entire body weight on a wah to engage the button is fantastic. I hate Crybaby for that. Plus the built in gain boost is badass
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it depends on which other power wah you are looking at.
morley makes a wah/volume and a wah that seems to have 2 wah modes (classic and modern) with a switch.

i like the simplicity of the mark tremonti wah which is why i bought it. engage switch, tough construction and all that. the boost function is great and the whole thing is a great halfway point between a classic sounding crybaby and a modern wah. id get the tremonti wah and never look back.
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I have a Morley Power Wah. I love it. Here's why I prefer it over pedals like the Tremonti.
The Tremonti is a "switchless" pedal. It is engaged as soon as you start to move it. When you lift your foot off it springs back to the top and turns off.
The PWA has the switch off to the side of the pedal. A wah is just a variable bandpass filter. With the PWA I can leave the pedal position in a particular position and just step on the on/off switch to turn it on and off. The pedal itself isn't spring loaded - it stays where you leave it. Great for dialing in the perfect pinch harmonics. Find the sweet spot then just leave it there.
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