My brand new metal instrumental that kinda has a bit of everything. Soaring melodies, huge riffs, shredding, messed up time signatures, here it is!

Would love to know what you think C4C!
First off, I like how it still sounds atmospheric with discernible melodies. Parts of it reminded me of Animals As Leaders (but not as technical).
Some suggestions: I know it's kind of hypocritical coming from me, but check your intonation. That's killing the leads. Also, the mix needs more bass (the instrument and the overall EQ). The drums should be louder too, especially the bass drum.
Loved the solo at the end.
C4C- wait, no, we're even now.
Wow, pretty cool track. The harmonized riffs were pretty intense. Also, the recording quality is pretty good, definitely better than I was expecting. It would sound much cooler tuned down a little more.. it sounds like its Drop D/E Standard. Itd probably sound cooler IMO in D Standard/Drop C. If you are ever interested in doing some collab work let me know, I could do some bass and drums and what-not.
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