Hey everyone. Sorry if this is the wrong area, but i wasn't sure where to post this.

Anyway, i've recently bought the stealthplug, the usb-guitar interface. It comes with Amplitube 2 live which is fairly epic, loving all the effects.

However, i've been having issues with recording in tracktion. I understand that to record with Amplitube that it can't be done with amplitube in standalone and that i need to use amplitube as a plugin to tracktion, but i've no idea how to do this. Every google search has been extremely vague.

The amplitube instruction manual tells me that i should drag the "new filter" tab in traction onto the track, and then a popup list will appear and that i should choose amplitube - assuming that amplitube will be in this list.

But amplitube isn't in the list, whether the program's installed or not, whether the stealthplug is plugged in or not, tracktion just never seems to acknowledge amplitube's existance. All there is in the 'new filter' popup box is Tracktion filters, MDA plugins and Mackie plugins. Nothing about amplitube at all.

Ive had a look at the plugins section under the settings tabs, and i see that maybe i have to add a new directory where it says "directories to search for new VST plugins", but i've tried adding all sorts of different folders in and around Amplitube's installation folders, and nothing seems to make any difference.

So yeah, nothing i seem to do will allow me to use amplitube as a plugin in tracktion.

I'm using windows xp.

Thanks in advance.
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Iv had very little experience with traktion but if the vst path is specified to the exact folder amplitube is installed into it should work fine

is there an option to scan for newly installed plugins?
yeah there is, and like i said i've specified the path to the exact folder it's installed to, the root folder and various subfolders and yeah nothing makes a difference.
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so no one can help me? am i the only one with this problem?
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In defense of the forum not being able to help u...honestly....traktion isnt a great daw at all and not alot of people use it lol

sorry i could not help ya buddy i just dont have any experience with that daw
ugh, don't worry about it. I discovered that there exists a VST Plugins folder in Program Files. I just directed the plugin search there and voila.

Actually annoyed it was that simple aha.
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