Okay so... I bought a Jackson DK2 and I was very happy with it, but the strings felt a little bit sticky so I changed them right away... After that I played for a long time and noticed that whenever I played the 15th fret on the D string I had some kind of fret buzz. My question is... What should I do? Should I adjust the truss rod (if so should I tighten it or loosen it)? Or should I raise the action on the floyd rose?
Thank you!
Edit: I changed the string gauge from 9-42 to 10-46 and checked that the intonation was okay.
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just go have it fully set up buy a pro, if it's still there the fret will need looked at
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i have never really been impressed with jacksons fret jobs. i have owned three jacksons and each one of them had a fret issue brand new.

i would always adjust the truss rod when changing strings if changing guage.

i am not sure however you issue is a truss issue. usually the truss issues happen more in the middle of the neck (think like 5-12 abstractly).

either take it to a pro as suggested or you could try a few things

measure the height or the fret and see if it is lower than the fret closer to the bridge you will probably take it to a pro because it may need to be filed on one fret that is sticking out high or have the fretboard leveled if its that on the way up. i have have done minimal fretwork and it isnt't the funnest or easiest thing to do. if you do do it (which i really recommend you dont unless you know what youare doing), is just to bring it in.

really all i have said wont do you a ton of good without us being able to physically look at the guitar. those are a few spots to check.
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there's probably part of a fret that isnt a seated as the rest..likly the 16th fret....Ask a tech to seat it fully, unless you feel comfortable smacking your fretboard with a rubber/plastic mallet...

I had the same issue..problem solved now...
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