Last time I made a thread, I knew "a couple songs" and "a few chords". I still only know a couple songs, but I know the chords CAGED, Am, Em, E7, Cadd9, and maybe one or two more.

I make it a point to pick up my guitar every single day, even if its only 5-10 minutes before I fall asleep.

So where I'm at:

Well my chord changes aren't super fast, a few are pretty rough, like my C chord.

I mainly have been working on chord changes trying to get them up to speed so I CAN play more songs.

So some simple acoustic songs provided? Nothing by Green day though, or the way to easy songs. (an idea to what I listen to: Pete Yorn is a huge influence for me. My brother says Elliott Smith is amazing, so maybe some things from him? Theory of a deadman, Hot Chell Rae, Forever The sickest kids, Every Avenue, Ed hartcourt, breathe carolina, etc.)

Also advice on what to work on next?