I wrote this last night and I want to know what you guys think. Critique for Critique.

"Silence No More"

This silence gets us nowhere
I can’t hold my tongue anymore
I watch you die every time you’re with him
The fighting never ends

He doesn’t see you like I do
Anything about you
This I know to be true
You won’t get what you deserve

Watching, waiting, hoping, praying
Every day is just the same
Why can’t you see what I see?

“Live your life with no regrets”
Those words you said are slipping from your mind
Destruction is imminent

I a war between yourself and you
The side that wins is never new
Why can’t you use that agony,
That you feel each day and just pick me?

I’m sorry I’m the good guy
The guy that gets walked all over
On the path to “happiness”
With some asshole who’s not half of this,
Who sees you as a pair of tits
Not for who you are or what you feel

You overlook and watch him steal
Your heart then crush it till it’s no longer real
And I’m tired of watching this happen to you
Why can’t you realize what he’s trying to do?
That’s break you down and keep you there
While I bite my nails and pull my hair

It’s not that hard to walk away
Just find the door then stand up and say
What you feel, who you are, that he’s killing you

And I’ll be on the other side
To care and hold you night by night
And see you as you really are
To love and keep you safe from harm
Not use you as a shield
But to shield you!

He doesn’t see you like I do
Anything about you
I’m just sitting here waiting
To give you what you deserve
RIP Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan
February 10, 1981 - December 28, 2009

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