Hello. I’ve been researching loopers for several days time, read a lot of "RC vs. Jamman" threads here, and have a few questions left. Choosing between RC-30/20xl and Jamman and Jamman stereo. I’ll use the looper to help write songs, but also want to use it live with a drummer (capability for live use is important to me). Here are my remaining questions:

1) Phrase shifting -- everyone says that the RC-30 has a ¼ second pause time when you switch between loops. That feels like a dealbreaker for the RC30, since I want to use this thing live, and seamlessly transfer between loops. Do the Jamman, Jamman stereo, or RC-20xl have any such issues?

2) Quantizing – is it equally easy to turn this on and off on the boss and digitech pedals? I think in some situations quantize might make it harder to loop live, if it’s an odd time signature.

3) Live looping? I want to be able to do on the fly loops, etc. I guess stereo out would be helpful so you can have a monitor for a drummer to hear the loop with? Would either pedal be better live? JamMan stereo has 4 switches which could perhaps be helpful on this issue?

4) ANY specific reason beyond price to go with the Boss pedals over the Jamman? Especially given my concerns. I know the 30 can play 2 loops at once, but that ¼ second gap sounds bad (maybe I’m overreacting?).

I’m new to looping, but am looking for something good enough to learn the full scope of things on. If I like it enough, maybe a boomerang or rc50 some day~ Thanks!
i looked into the jamman dude it looks pretty sick
you can use sd cards in it and i guess that could be pretty useful,,
also dont quote me on this but i think the jamman can play a lot of loops at once,
like, you can have 2 going at once as separate loops,,, and then you can keep adding
new loops, compressing the old ones into a single channel so you can keep adding..... or something

not sure man, but when i researched it the jamman seemed to be the bomb
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1) No delay on the Jamman
2) Quantizing can be turned off on the Jamman. No need to use it at all.
3) You can do live loops, but syncing with a band is a problem. What is your drummer going to sync to? Your strumming? Are you going to lay down some rhythm?
4) The Jamman can only play one loop. You can overdub infinitely. Usually the loopers with multiple synchronized loops are more expensive. The new Boss RC-300 is the one to look at if you are willing to pay the money.

Bottom line is that live looping has limitations wrt rhythm tracks. In order to be synchronized the looper pretty much has to have the rhythm run though it. That means you can get a looper that has a built in rhythm machine. Or you can put the rhythm in live with a mic. Looper rhythms are repetitive and that's a limitation.

Most of the songs in my link below were done live with a looper. They are trimmed from the original recording so you don't hear the tracks being built up of the rhythm recorded in the beginning. One major reason is because I am improvising the songs after noodling around a lot to get into the groove.

Sneaky uses and external drum machine and is not synchronized with the loop. I think I got lucky because it sounds ok to me. Some Bird, Baldwin Park, Jelly Jam, and Outta Town all use the rhythm machine built in the looper (a Zoom G3 multifx).

Other songs that use the looper but have no drums are Drifter, Trippy, and Simple.
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3) You can do live loops, but syncing with a band is a problem. What is your drummer going to sync to? Your strumming? Are you going to lay down some rhythm?

Okay, this is something I am really ignorant of (have never used loops in a band). Let's say my drummer starts playing a beat, 1-2-3-4-5-1-2-...whatever. And I hit my looper, and play a loop also on that beat. They're in sync now, right? Why would the drummer be syncing to me, when I could sync my loops to him, couldn't I? Sorry if this is a silly question, I'm new to this.

Alternatively, let's say I got a loop going on guitar while my drummer sat there silent. Then he starts playing a beat to the rhythm of the loop. Can't that be done?

I guess what I'm saying is I still see some uses to this thing live but I've never used one live so help me out~ Thanks!
The drummer must sync to whatever you put in the looper. The reason why you can't loop to the drummer is because you can never get the exact timing, even if your drummer was perfect (as in a drum machine). Here's why.... If you are 10 milliseconds off in setting the loop, then after 10 loops you will be 100 milliseconds off. The shorter your loop the more times it will repeat during a song and the error will accumulate.

So you can see that you must be very exact and even then the error will eventually take you out of sync. That's why the drummer must constantly be synced to the loop.