Not too sure why no one else really comments on anything here anymore...

This song is pretty great, I really liked the intro. Had a cool atmosphere to it. The guitar playing is ace, the only thing I thought seemed a bit awkward was the part around 3:00 or so. I know it's prog and there tend to be bits like that, but for me it seemed a tad out of place in this song. Also, the song ends a bit abruptly for me (which is something I'm guilty of all the time )

The drums were decent for the most part, though I may have added a bit more to them. Then again, I usually go all out with my drums haha

The mixing was awesome, I really loved the sound you ended up with. Overall the song is really really awesome. I think with a few minor tweaks this could be fantastic

I'd appreciate some feedback on some of my stuff as well! Both are Progressive/Post-rock so take your pick

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