So I went to see the Butterfly Effect at Hamilton Hotel (Brisbane, Aus) two nights ago and found myself basically at the stage barricade. I looked in front of me and went "ooh pedals." Trouble is, I haven't really seen any of them before. I'd at the very least like to identify some (if not all) of them so I might be able to give them a try sometime down the track.

So I realise the picture isn't of the greatest size or quality, but hopefully it'll still work to some extent.

I could only pick the tuner, giga delay and pedal power 2+s
small2011-10-16 00.17.12 - Copy.jpg
Pedal GAS?
Empress Heavy
ISP Dec of some sort
Keeley Katana
TC Corona/Vortex/Dreamscape
Boss DD-20 and I think a TU-2 as well.

EDIT: There's a Maxon PH-350 too.
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I can see an Empress SuperDelay, Klon, POG, Boss DD-20, Boss Tuner, somekind of Maxon, and I thing the little sideways thing with 6 knobs is either a RailHead TUA or a Zvex. Thats all I can identify, hope it helps.