Here are some recordings i've done over the last year. take your pick and give me some criticism! keep in mind that some of them were recorded as i first started learning how use software and recording programs.

if you want some suggestions:

*gong! is a short and sweet experimental track that i made for a bit of fun- listen if you want to hear something original

*til you fall is a prog metal song i wrote to perform with my band at school consisting of mediocre skilled musicians, so dont expect anything too heavy/ technical, although i have to say im proud of how the progressive element of it turned out, being my first well though out composition

*Djazz is a jazz/swing tune i wrote for those of you who prefer more laid back and less heavy stuff, being mainly melodic, clean lead guitar

*thunder stoned is an experimental, djent-inspired, ambient sectioned and time signature fiddly metal piece

remember to request cqc
(woops i meant soundcloud, not soundclick )
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I listened to a few of them and they were quite good, but overall, the only real complaint I had was that the drums were kinda 'meh' and the guitar tone seemed to be lacking on some aspects. Mostly on the low end, it just didnt have much 'meat'. Other than that, I listened to djazz expecting some kind of djent-y jazz, and it wasnt bad, the song structure and riff-age were nice, as was Til You Fall and Thunder Stoned. Good job overall, and if you are looking for another person to collab with, hit me up.
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Like what Lovecannon said, the guitar tone seems to be a bit lacking. What I do for my guitars (and it is a real bitch, but as you heard, it makes a spectacular wall of sound) - Record each section with four guitars, use two tones, so you can have two guitars with different tones on each side; pan each track accordingly, 50% left or right is generally good enough; render all of those, unmixed and un-EQ'd onto one track; crank the bass and drop the treble on that track and turn the volume down so it's barely audible; NOW mix your original guitar tracks. In all of my songs, I have between 4-6 guitars going at any given point, so with that bottom bass track, it gives the feel of 8-12 guitars going at once. Like I said, a spectacular wall of sound. lol One final note, though - the more guitars you use, the less distortion you'll need. On my pedal, (an old ZOOM505), the gain level goes up to 30, bit I keep it down to 10-12. In the end, it provides a lot more clarity with a VERY heavy sound.

ANYWAY! Gong! was really fun to listen to, and I was sad when it ended so soon. lol The synths, though, could use a bit of reverb to push them out from the center.

Til' You Fall has a very nice progression and when it comes in with the heavy guitars and drums, I can feel something big coming on the horizon. That solo was absolutely beautiful, and the progression after it made me think of Maiden. lol The soft section with the solo is very nicely done, too. VERY nicely done. Overall, I think this piece just needs better synths and a better mix with more reverb on the guitars.

Djazz is very nice. The only thing that turned me off to it was the MIDI bass, but with a decent VSTi, that's not a problem. (the sites I linked in reply to your critique has some VERY good ones. I'd recommend the 4Front Bass Module.)

Thunderstoned Makes me think of Les Claypool...I'm not sure why. lol I love how absolutely punch-you-in-the-face driving this one is! There's that issue with the synths again, but I've already gone into that. The soft section sounds a bit Middle-Eastern-y with a bit of Vai thrown in for good measure. lol Very cool, homie.
Thanks for the elaborate reviews! "Gong!": I like the keyboard intro! I like all of the synths. I agree the guitar tone could be a little better, but it's OK. Nice guitar riffs. Neat cymbal crash thing. Nice overall, even if it's really short. "Till You Fall": nice intro clean-ish guitars. At ~0:35, the guitar chords sound briefly like "Stray Cat Strut". At 1:20, I like the guitar riff. Not sure if you have real electric bass, but I like the riffs. Nice lead guitar at ~2:00! On both songs, the playing is tight. Overall, I like this better than "Gong". Interesting drum stick clicking. Nice strings at 3:40. Some clipping at ~4:40, but otherwise audio quality is pretty good. Nice song! "Thunder": bizarre mixture of metal & ?.... I dig the keyboard part at ~2:15 The playing is tight, but I still like "Fall" best of the 3 overall.
thanks for the comments guys! i shall definitely try out the recording techniques suggested and the VSTs. also, to future reviewers, i suggest you listen to "til you fall" if you have to choose one- def. the most polished. i don't want to make you have to listen to 3 or 4 songs and waste valuable time haha.
Seriusly, i wish more pepole where as creative as this with their music, good job mate! Love the section around the middle. Nice transitions too.
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"Gong" & "Djazz" were pretty awesome from a song writting standpoint, and with better synths/guitar tone/non-midi bass, they could be really great. I don't know what recording program you use, or what kind of interface you have going, but there are definitely some easy things you could do to get everything standing out a bit. Try adding a compression plugin to your rhythm guitar tracks, and even your kick drum/snare if you haven't already. Also, mess around with the EQs for each, to give them their own places in the mix. I'm not an expert on this, but I'm sure you could find tips all across the internet. Lastly, spend a lot of time varying velocities on the individual hits on your drum tracks, it'll go a long way to making them feel more authentic.

Thanks for the feedback on my track!
thanks for you comment on my post
here is something in return

GONG:Creative midi parts sounds midi by the way (too perfect)...
til you fall:
GUItars>> seems like you need to back off the drive a bit and just double your guitar so that it would sound heavy to me it sound like rock and roll
bass>>lacks volume
Drums>>try to humanize a bit more

thunder stoned
guitars: missing some tightness well played

guitars: relaxing to me the rhythm guitar need some clarity to me

about to fall:

guitars: need to back of the drive a bit

over all: nice 5 tracks. the next 5 tracks i bet would be amazing
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Listened to the second track. The drums sound good and the clean guitar has a nice tone. I'm not too fond of the distorted sound, it's a bit gain heavy in my opinion.

I like the song writing, it kept me interested throughout and never got repetitive.
As far as the guitars go, I would decrease the drive and Quad track that sucker.
Like they say, "A little can go a long way"
Otherwise, I really like your stuff man.
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