So my band plays all kinds of tunings, drop d, drop c and standard. I have 10-42's in my Ibanez Destroyer for standard tuning, and 10-42's for drop d, what gauge should I use for drop c? I'm presently using Dean Markley, and want to try DR. What's good for drop c?

i use dean markley blue steels in 10-46 in drop C, but i like a looser set of strings. might be to loose for you.

try DR 11-50?
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I use Ernie Ball beefy slinky 11-54 for drop C
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i used to use ernie balls but in drop d and c and anything lower the thicker strings would always break on me because im such a hard rhythm player. so i switched to dr 52's and 50's and they work great... sound better to imo.
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i use 10-52 for E standard all the way down to drop C..... on a 24.5" scale

I don't understand how people do this. That's spaghetti strings.

On a 25.5" scale guitar, I can't use anything lower than 12-56 for C.

If I was ever in standard, I would use 11-49, so obviously I like tight strings.