Hey guys!

Lately ive been havin a tense right shoulder (my picking hand) and I need to work it off. But i simply cant find a good position for my shoulder to stop tensing without resting my guitar on my left leg (you know classical guitar style) rather than on my right. Should I practice with my guitar on my left leg so i wont injure myself? or should i keep on searching for a position with it on my right leg cause that´s how i play normally?

How do you guys prehent your shoulder from getting tense?

Thanks for the help in this
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you should try to practice slower, probably yun are practicing to the speed where you "think" are confortable, but your nervoues system tells you otherswise.

I wrote 1 chapter in my free ebook about how to practice so that you remove tension . You should check it out.

Does the tension also appear when you play at a lower bpm ?
I would suggest just shifting to classical position if that solves the problem. Other than that, it's just a case of slowing down and focusing on staying relaxed.
Speed is a by-product of shut the fuck up.
You can get a good position on the right leg as well, but you may have to raise your right foot by resting it on an amp or similar. Why not relax your shoulder then move the guitar to suit?

Although if classical position solves your problem, just use it.