A short piece using the newest Whammy DT pedal. I downtuned to C with this pedal and kept it there. Any harmonizing is the pedal... I never played any double-stops, etc. I did not use the trem bar on my guitar... any whammy sounds are from the pedal. With few exceptions any sliding is not from me, but from using the new 'momentary' switch (allows you to switch back and forth from your original tuning and the selected drop tuning). Those deep growly sounds about 45 seconds in are fast drop bombs (3 octave drops) via the Whammy. As well, the fast note sequence about 3/4 way through and just before the final chorus riff, which sounds all over the place, is nothing more than working a short piece of the fret board while stepping on and off the 'momentary' switch.


Other equipment... a Boomerang delay and an Empress MultiDrive into a clean amp; guitar by Casper Guitar Technologies (the least expensive 'custom guitar' builder out there!).
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I won't argue with you there... recorded it in only an hour or so... made it up on the spot and picked and choosed various elements on the fly.