Hey often when i search for i tab/chords i can't find any or they are really bad, and that is kind a annoying. so if you want a tab/chords you can't find, you could ask me by writing back to this post and ask if i know the song you wanna play.

I play most Chirstian, rock, and i love coldplay so this the genres i'm best in
Honestly, unless you're a newcomer to the instrument, after a year or more of playing, you should really be figuring songs like that out by ear, or at least trying your best. I'm not trying to sound elitist, or tell you you need to learn a shitload of theory, but there's about a 150% that doing so will make you a better musician. It's important to develop your ear so you hear the relationships between different chords and scales, because then you don't have to rely on what tabs are actually online.

This helps big time when you're into various kinds of metal.