Hello All,
I am new to the forum and want to see what people think about my proposal.

I have been in the Carbon fiber business for the past 12 years mostly as a hobby, but also making race car part and prototype type parts. I have been trying to see if I should turn my business/hobby into more of a business. What I am looking for is any ideals on what people want made in carbon fiber IE, cases, amp enclosures, etc. I can do all sorts of parts, and recently I have developed a way to do color carbon, IE a black carbon weave with a color weave that I can dye any color. This makes a real nice and custom look if you want to match your car color to say your carbon door sills, or rear wing.
What I want to do is get peoples ideals and if someone has an ideal that I can make into a produced and sell to others I will give them the part for free, as a thank you for the ideal and help in introducing products.

Please understand this is not a spam I am and single person shop and I am just trying to find new products to make so I can turn this hobby into a business, as well as make cool parts for people who will enjoy uniqueness of carbon parts too.

Thanks for the advice.
Ric R
Carbon cases for sure,theyd be super strong and super light.
thats guitar cases, pedal cases and amp cases.
My Hiscox case is strong admittadly,but it is SO HEAVY when my guitar is in it.
also its hard to find a shaped case for a Jaguar, so a carbon fibre Jaguar case would be perfect for so many people it would be totally a miracle.
you could make custom shells for pedals - so for example,someones pedal is broken or beaten up, so they get a new shell for it and put it in.
I'd like shaped cases for more of the 'alternative'guitars (jag,mustang,hifliers etc)
also, a SHAPED case for double-neck's (so you arent walking with a massive square haha) . i cant find a double-neck case anywhere and really need one, and if it was made of CF, it would be light too which would be a bonus for a heavy guitar like that.

theres a couple of ideas, and if you made a CF Jaguar case that is SHAPED, I would be so happy.
feel free to give me one
contact me if you need dimensions for a Jaguar or my double neck if you're seriously thinking of them.
Pedal board cases would be cool for sure. Also, a pickguard or even inlays on a guitar would be sweet. I'll be on stand by for my free parts lol
carbon fiber guitar nuts, and bridge saddles.

edit: the reason why these parts, is they perhaps are the most worn down parts on guitars, they experience a vast amount of tension, and strings vibrations will wear down the slots made. but since carbon fiber is so strong
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Drum shells, man. I know. I know... This is a guitar forum, but I'm a drum builder too and carbon fiber drum shells are nuts. Really loud, lots of attack. Great snare drums. There was a company that used to do it but I think they went out of business.
How would carbon fiber hold up versus say, stainless steel or the like? I'm thinking as far as the guitar bridge or tailpiece, it could be a cool look and maybe even provide even better tuning stability if its low friction, and durable.

Thinking more Tune-O-Matic bridges, or saddles for traditional fender trem's.
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yeah carbon fibre anything really

but i have always wanted strat and tele style bolt on necks made from carbon fibre.. just ready to go. that would be unreal. and im sure there would be a good markey for that as well, seeing how people already spend a ludicrous amount of money on necks from places like warmoth.

and +1 to guitar cases and pedal enclosures. especially with the colored cf, pedal enclosers would be insaneee
necks and bodies, I've wanted a full CF tele for ages
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Explorer cases...big guitars=big cases= heavy as fek.

Also, carbon fiber replacement necks would tits...the answer to neck dive?
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Carbon fiber Dean ML cases would be AWESOME, but probably not worth designing and mass producing haha. Dean hardshell cases are extremely heavy and bigger than most bass cases I've seen.. Honestly I think you could do awesome if you had the capability of producing different cases for various guitars (especially odd-shaped ones), I get pretty damn tired of lugging around heavy hardshell cases and carbon would be the ticket for a lightweight one.

Carbon pedal enclosures would be pretty sweet, especially with the colored weave. And pickguards for Strats and Flying V's (you know, the big guards). If you could do a carbon neck that like Jilliard suggested that would be awesome as well, for the people that like ridiculously thin necks you could craft something thinner than a wood neck could handle. If nothing else a carbon fretboard would be really interesting.
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