You bet your ass it was close! Just read this article and it's crazy how close this was to hitting Earth.


On August 12th, 1883, a pack of life-extinguishing comets came within a few hundred miles of slamming into the Earth, killing everything on the planet.
That's what scientists at the National Autonomous University of Mexico are saying after re-analyzing the findings of José Bonilla, a Mexican astronomer who may have unknowingly come close to witnessing the destruction of the world as we know it.

Back in 1883, Bonilla observed 447 objects passing in front of the sun over two days from Zacatecas, Mexico; he published his findings in a French astronomy journal. But these objects weren't observed at larger observatories in Puebla or Mexico City, where much bigger-time scientists were standing their nighttime vigils. Why? At the time, nobody knew for sure. The editor of L'Astronomie, where Bonilla's findings were published, suggested that birds, insects, or dust may have passed in front of the telescope.
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inb4 you wake up and this was a dream and they're actually about to hit earth and everyone thinks you're crazy for saying I DREAMED ABOUT READING ABOUT THIS ON A FUTURISTIC DEVICE CALLED THE INTERNET and then the world is destroyed.
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