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Really cool stuff! Gave you a like on FB too.

Would you mind repaying the favour and giving us a listen and a like here:

Cheers. We appreciate it

cheers boav,

i've also liked yours, thanks like your sounds!!!
I'm currently listening to 'Rock 'n' Roll' and my first impression is that your singer has a lovely, unique voice, very gentle and inspiring. The rap sections fit in perfectly and I honestly wasn't expecting it, but it's a nice surprise!

Your second song 'Get Away Bliss' is sick, I'll probably just leave it at that. Oh also, the lead guitar in the chorus is real nice (catchy lyrics/melody too)!

How long have you guys been around and where abouts do you record cos the quality is really decent, so you must obviously know what you're doing.

Wondering if you could possible check out my band?


Also, liked you guys on FB.