I have recently acquired a 6x12 cabinet, that was shabby and in need of an over haul.

I also have 2 1x15's with chewed up carpet.

Whats an easy, tough and economical way to recover these?

I've seen at wal mart a big can of krylon truck bed liner for $43

They also have an auto primer in a can, rubber bottom layer in a can and the liner in a can around $20 for one of each can (3 cans)

is there a better liner? is liner even a good idea? Do I need auto primer or paint primer? what about the rubberized layer?

Or is there something 100 times better and cheaper (even fresh carpet)
bed liner is fine, just make sure it doesnt have ground-up rubber pieces, It looks kinda shabby. I have used the Duplicolor bed liner before and like it best.
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Should I look in auto paint places for a better deal? All I found was the krylon at wal mart

Edit: Can you paint over truck bed liner? If I don't want just standard black?
Ew, 4 metres of snake skin Tolex is 32 $ here in Australia. Plenty to cover a 4 X 12, probably plenty to do a 6 x 12 too. Look around man. Ebay is your friend.