Hi guys,

I am trying to keep to the sticky on new gear a little, but because my situation is a little different i won't be sticking to it too strictly.

Currently i have my starter guitar, an Ibanez GRG170DX, not too great but it has got me by, and a Roland Cube30x which i bought last year as an upgrade on my starter amp, and i quite like it, and would probably keep it for future use as a practice amp (if needed )

really the question boils down to, a Marshall 1984 JCM800 50w or a Gibson Flying V?

I do know, that this is massively too loud for my needs currently (bedroom use), but i am In love with the tone on Ride the Lightning, and think this amp sounds great for thrash, and have recently seen one for a reasonable price in my area. So i was going to get it and an attenuator, for obvious reasons

However, this leaves me stuck with my starter guitar, which isn't horrible, but by no means great.

Thank You for any help on the matter and i hope this is the correct area of the forum!
get the amp. If any thing just upgrade the pickups in your Ibanez.
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i agree go amp...you can play a good guitar through a shit amp and sound bad or play not so good guitar through a good amp and atleast sound decent
this is GG&A, amp!
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get the amp. however, depending on price range and style you could easily get a smaller all tube amp and a better guitar. this would suffice until you are truly ready for the marshall. trust me I got the marshall, love it, but went through a couple of ok amps prior to getting it, my guitars have remained. just food for thought.
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Amp, no reason to get the V and play it through the Cube.

Also the RTL tone isn't probably the amp by itself. They more than likely used a bit of extra EQing and boosting. FYI.

You could also look for a Peavey Windsor for a cheaper JCM option.
1. Get the amp, skip the attenuator
2. Sell your guitar
3. Buy new guitar with what you made off old one and what you were going to spend on attenuator
4. ???
5. Profit $$$
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Get the guitar! (for debate sake). I've never played a cube but I've heard from guitarists that are better than me and seen online, enthusiastic raves about the cube amps. The amp would take precedent if your frickin' crankin' it on a regular basis, the way a jcm should be used. Do you really play that loud that often? If you're not making a ton of money off gigs (as most of us aren't) it would kinda be overkill, FOR NOW. If it were me I'd buy a used flying v (hypotheticly, I'm just not a flying v type of guy) some specific pups I like and a good used 15w (tube) amp with that money, thats just me though.