Here are two little pieces, tell me what you think please?

much obliged


New Song: a riff i came up with, mainly inspired by grunge. GP is limited but try to imagine it with good chorus and reverb (let ring all the way baby), idk it seemed atmospheric in context.

House Metal: dumb name, i know. This also is lacking lots of parts, it's just a jotting down of a random idea and i still have to make something of it.
edit: scroll down for house metal, newer version on first page...somewhere
New Song.gp5
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"New song":

Either you invented acoustical progressive death metal or you're just bad at writing music.

"House metal":

It's better than the previous one. Sounds like some doom95.


You're that guy who was screaming boobs all across the "internet helps musicians thread". Maybe you should focus less on boobs!
^ Hey, it was just once! don't go getting shit out of context

Also, drums added to the House Metal thang.
Uhm... this is like those riffs that those bad bands that open up for me play and then break up 5 minutes after their set. Yeah. Sorry. I don't know how to suggest on improvement... Music theory...? ****.
Well it's kinda like I owe you a C4C for that experiment thread, so here we go.

New Song:
Well, I have to disagree with that guy who doesn't like boobs. It's got potential, I like it.

House Metal:
Dude, 8 bars of silence? Really?
Didn't really like your bass riff there, not something I'd listen to. Sorry.
I'm somewhat harsh on critique:

Use a slap bass on the first two bars. Scratch the last two, they're awful, no pattern.

4th bar, the two bass drum eights, scratch those. They make me lose rhythm completely.

Back to bass guitars: you don't have to use the same rhythm throughout the entire riff. Think of something different. A rhythm that follows the exact same pattern (same rhythm, lower pitch in this case) is very overplayed. To me, it's not interesting at all. If you want it to sound like that though, then by all means proceed. Just throwing some ideas into the mixture.

C4C?: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1489022