Hi all,

Here's the background--

I'm close to pulling the trigger on a head/cabinet, but for the last 5 years or so, I've been playing my guitars though studio monitors (first some m-audios, more recently some krk's) via a Korg D3200 mixer which I use for effects

I own 16 electric guitars of varying brands and a healthy mix of pickups (some stock, some aftermarket, passive, active, you name it)
and although I notice SOME difference in sound, it really isn't that drastic

Now, I'm assuming (but looking for confirmation), that there is a greater variance in sound between various guitar/pickup combinations when run through an amplifier?

Because otherwise I've wasted A LOT of money upgrading the pickups in many of my guitar LOL!
I'd assume you'd notice more of a difference when using a guitar amp, as they're voiced for guitars whereas monitors are designed to be as flat as possible.
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