Hi, i've been playing guitar for a few years now and I think it's time for a new acoustic. I have some quality electrics, but I only have an $80 Johnson acoustic. It actually sounds pretty good, but the playability isn't all that great. Does anyone have any suggestions for an acoustic that's comfortable to play and sounds full and clear? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!
if your only problem with the johnson is that it's not very playable, you could have it set up. otherwise, what's your budget like?
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I'm looking to spend anywhere from $300-$500. And I've got the Johnson set up for maximum playability, but it's still lacking sadly.
what is lacking about its playability?

i'd suggest you try a seagull original s6 or s6 slim. wonderful tone, balanced, full and clear. short scale makes it easy to play. expect you'll have to get it set up, though.
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
+1 for Seagull, but since you are also an electric player you would probably benefit from having a cutaway. Give the Entourage a shot while you are at it and compare it with the S6.

If Seagull isn't your taste after you played around with them, give the Yamaha CPX700 a try. It compares with many of the top-shelf guitars.
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aftermany many visits to music shops from montreal to NYC. many many emory boards worn out. trying at least 75 acoustics, i picked out a samick ASDM that was one of the first i tried at the local shop. moral is.... oh crap on morals! most usually pick among the first 5 youu tried out. thats my only acoustic only guitar and it was a very long process picking it out.
I don't know a whole lot about acoustics but I have one of those Ovation Padauk style guitars and I love it. I only mention it because its in your price range. At least worth a try.
so many flat-backin' 'ho's out there to choose from. in your price range you could go friggin' nuts trying to choose. you want electric/acoustic or just plain acoustic? no matter what we all tell you(opinions are like hemorroids...sooner or later every assholes gonna have one), it all comes down to what your comfortable with. if your fortunate enough to live near a major metropolitan area, you'll be like a kid in a candy store. tho i find that most that ask in here do so because they live away from any good music shops with multiple choices. everyone here wants you to get the one they have. i have ovations,yamaha,samick and a taylor. each chosen becasue of a unique characteristic. i woud like a few dozen more but oh well...i'll need a larger living room.... you getting my point in all this?
Ok thanks for the suggestions guys, Ill try some of them out this weekend and see if I can't find something I like