Hey guys, i need a bit of advice on jobs, it is a bit of a long read, but i would appreciate some input.

I am a third year university student, and i was job hunting towards the end of summer, just when i started back at uni, i managed to get two interviews within about a week of each other, neither have gotten back to me yet, but they said they will send me an email either way whether it is a yes or no answer.

Job 1: I had this interview two Fridays ago, it was a very fancy hotel with a restaurant, i was applying as a waiter. As i knew it was a formal place, i went in a suit, and made sure to allow myself some time to arrive there, but didn't realise how close it was and turned up a whole hour early for the interview, but this boded well for me and i like to think i was fairly good in the interview.

Pros: It will get me into a good routine, the guy said that the pay could rise after the three month trial period, but it is based on how well i do. The work environment is very nice, and the work seems as though it will be quite stimulating. Also, as i had the interview earlier, i would hear back from them first.

Cons: The hours seem pretty long, and i was told i should expect to be required to come in at 7:30 on weekends (the only days i can really do), it is more formal, so i need to be on point, look presentable at all times, and present myself as someone who is very professional.

Job 2: This interview was last Tuesday, it was for a department store that sells things like electronics, homewear, etc. I arrived a tiny bit late to the interview but the woman who was interviewing me didn't mind too much, i like to think i made a fairly good impression on this one as well.

Pros: The shop is closer to where i live, the pay is a little better than the other place, and you can get commission on top of that (depending on how well you do, it can range between a few pence and a few pounds), the work seems less formal, the hours seem a little bit more flexible, and it seems more relaxed.

Cons: Because it seems more relaxed, i feel as though i might be a little too relaxed about it. I did like the look of the other place, and since i was interviewed for this place later, i will hear back from them later.

So what do i do? It seems that the second job would be better, but i don't want to be put into a position where i hear back from the first place before the second one, turn it down then get turned down by the second job.

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I say take the second job. If you hear from the first job first, tell them you'll make your decision shortly. Also if you don't hear from the second job after a while, email them and say something like "Thank you for the the interview" and they'll probably reply soon about your job status.

You do not want the first job. Always looking formal and the long hours will stress you out. You need to focus on Uni at the same time. Hope I helped
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Second job for sure. You might not think much of it now, but you will thank yourself for choosing proximity and flexibility in the future. Take my word for it - I've commuted 160 miles a day in my car and motorcycle for three months straight earlier this year. Anything you can do to make your life easier is worth it. After all, they are both shitty jobs compared to what you will be doing post-graduation...
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Second one sounds better - you won't have to work late nights in a shop, so you can focus on your studies and have lots of free time. Worrying about going into work 'later' i.e. the evening is a real ball-buster, I tell ya. You seem to spend a day just waiting to go into work.
Can't you just take the first job anyway, then if you get offered the second job take that and quit the first? Or is there some contract involved?

EDIT: Poll maybe?
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Why don't you go to your university careers guidance councilor?
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Just because they said they will get back to you does not mean they will, trust me I have been a part of a hiring group and some of the shit they do is down right cruel. My favorite is this scenario right here.

During a job interview you always have a chance to ask questions, one of the questions you should always ask is "When can I start" it shows that you really want to work the job and are ready to make the commitment at that very moment. This is the best time to shut someone down without them even knowing. So the applicant asks "When can I start" and the hiring manager will say this "Oh well this is the first round of interviews, you will be contacted to setup an appointment for a second interview, so we really cant say at this point if your hired or not" typically the applicant will leave happy knowing that there will be a second round of interviews not know that the company just got the applicant to walk out the door without a hassle and has no intention of calling them again. This is to minimize any possible conflict with the applicant, this is also the reason why most places will fire you on a friday afternoon, statistics show there is less confrontation.

That being said take the second job, especially if your a good salesmen. Any place that gives you a base salary PLUS commission is not too shabby you can make some good coin even if you commission is only 3-4% per sale, that shit adds up fast!
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If you dont get either job there's always teaching guitar i still havent got myself a proper job yet but i still make a load of money from simple things (not trying to be a **** about it). I only charge £5 and hour, its easy, has a sense of achievement and its probably the most flexible job you can get. Although you'll probably be wanting work experience for the real world. Just a thought
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Wow, lots of useful replies guys, thanks, i am fairly certain that i will take the second job, and if the first job contacts me first, i will try to prolong giving a yes or no answer until i hear back from the second one.

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The second. "I feel too relaxed about it" Is that even a "con"?

Kind of. I turned up a little late to the interview because it was within walking distance but i misjudged how long the walk was, and also, because it is more informal, i might become more lazy about things like whether i go out the night before or how long i leave it until i have a shave (don't get me wrong, i am not really a slob, and i do shave regularly, but i sometimes just let the stubble grow a little), whereas with the other job, i have to be on point, and so i will take it a little more seriously. It is a weird way of looking at things, but it was just something that crossed my mind.

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