So I just wanted to see what kind of movies the majority of people liked.

Just say your favorite genre(s) of movies, and then list one or a few of your favorites.
Give a reason if you'd like.

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movies like:

Dazed and Confused
Crank 1 and 2
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
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"you're favorite genre(s) of movies, and then list one or a few of your favorites.
Give a reason if you'd like."

There I said it, do I get a cookie?
Oh, I get it. You just think that since we're all black we have a favorite movie? Alright, awesome. Why don't you take your blatant racism elsewhere? We don't like you or your thread, and your name is stupid. That's my least favorite number in the world. I might just throw up at the combination of that and your racism.

Shawshank Redemption
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documentaries, especially those about music. Case in point; Metal A Headbangers Journey and It Might Get Loud. The Metallica one Cliff em All is OK if you wanna hear a lot of poor quality Metallica and not really get any band info
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I watch older (not very old) movies. All new movies being released suck dick.
Not true.
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