I'm new to playing bass and don't have a good amp. I would like an amp with a really nice clean tone that i can also add pedals to for fuzz etc.

I would be looking for an amp of a fairly decent size (say 60 - 100w) for practising with a band and possibly small venues in the future. I would be looking to spend around £200 or there abouts

While we are here, i have no idea about pedals, so any advice on good/bad pedals, advice, how they work etc etc.

Thanks in advance and if you want more info just ask
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yeah well, the FAQ won't provide info about amp larger than 30 watts... still for that much cash i dunno if you'll get such an amp as you're searching.
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look for an old peavey or Gallien kreuger combo, nothing under 100 watts, try to keep over 200 watts if possible, and a combo. pedals aren't important you barely have enough money for an amp to compete with drums.

also depends on the music you want to play, I'd never suggest getting a fuzz if you just want to play ska and country.