Well you could do normal scale sequences.
Like: 5h8 on the E string, then go 5h7p5 on the A, then 8p5h8 and then start over the sequence from the A string.

That one is always fun to do, in my opinion. Was good for me when i was learning legato aswell.

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Enjoy. Just pick once per string when ascending.
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try just trill between 2 notes with every single finger combination.

Also, just pick one string from the scale pattern about and play it over and over, completely legato.


Do it as long as you comfortable can and do it on every string.

Practice going up and down just on 2 or 3 strings to.
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wow that woke my wrist up lol

It shouldn't do, your wrist should be doing no work other than holding your hand in place while your fingers do the work for fretting. If your wrist is involved in the legato motion then you're doing it wrong.

As for exercises, are you for some reason incapable of making up your own? Really in the long run it doesn't matter that much what you practice as long as there's a lot of variety and you're doing it with the right technique. How you practice matters much more than what in my opinion.
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