How do you play Am F C and G on the G strings? There's an instrumental part where they only play AM F C and G and I know the electric guitar player is playing his part on the G string. Any ideas?
Haha sorry if that didnt make sense. I just meant during the song there is the instrumental part which is fairly short they just play 8 beats each of Am F C and G. but during the instrumental part he plays a sort of solo i guess you could say which mixes right in with the chords they are playing. The solo seems fairly simple but i've tried and can't seem to get it right.
Here is the link to the song:
The solo part doesnt come in until 2:00 and last a whole 13 seconds lol.
As i'm a fairly new guitar player i'm not so great at learning by ear. Also if you could tell me what is played by the electric guitar starting at 0:25 that would be super helpful as well! but mainly I just need to solo part he plays.
Thanks for the help!
Yeah i've looked at everywhere i can think of to try to find tabs for it but NOWHERE has them. everywhere i've looked they all just have 1 chord chart of the song and it's all from the same person but it doesnt have what the electric guitar player is playing. I've tried to play around on guitar with it while the song is playing and i still cant figure it out. i know it has to be very simple since it's only 4 notes really, I just can't figure it out. Any ideas?