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Been fooling around with this for a couple days. It's not the finished product, but I've run out of ideas haha. Composed in Tuxguitar because I don't have a 7 string.

EDIT: uploaded a tweaked version, added harmonies and whatnot.

EDIT: I'm pretty sure it's done. v2 is the newest now.
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Sir, you are in a interesting position. Here's why: Djent as a whole tends to go in one of two directions: Minimalist, focusing on the rhythms, or wank, focusing on packing as much pretentious shit into a song as possible (electronic elements, sweep picking, etc.). But it always seems end up being too proggy for its own good.

HOWEVER. You have done neither. You've written a song that makes sense. The intro is a bit wonky, but once the rest of the band comes in, it sounds great. The underlying rhythms all complement each other, and the few moments where you break out of 4/4 sound natural and flow wonderfully. You give me hope, sir. Now flesh this song out, but not too much, and you'll have a great song on your hands. Good luck.
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Very natural flow. I wasn't too impressed by the intro-riff at first but as the song progressed I warmed up. I'm not too sure about the drums from 54 to 62, but then again, maybe that's genre standard (never listened to djent). It's a bit short though, I'd love to hear more.

All in all, a great piece.
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IMO this isn't djenty at all.
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Some things:
- At bar 12, the triplets sound bad over the eighth notes...same at bar 15 and bar 32.
- Bar 16 was a pretty bad transition. A random riff, random silence, then a fast fill into a very slow drum pattern, didnt really work for me.
- Drums kinda suck throughout. Sorry, but you gotta use more than a hi-hat, bass, and snare. And that fill at bar 40 was just bad. Try mixing up rhythms and patterns.
- 54 to the end was actually pretty sweet sounding, nice job there.

Overall, I wasn't too impressed, but I've told you the main things that stick out. Also, some bass could be added to fatten it out, the drums improved, and you should definitely add some synth (warm pad?) behind that riff from 2-7. Now go improve it, and keep trying
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Quote by frankibo
IMO this isn't djenty at all.

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Bar 52-64 sounded to like Buckethead stuff to me, so i like it, but i wouldn't call this proper djent
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