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Theme: On Death's Door
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The Ward

Frail lights flicker all hospital night
Washing bloodstained faces black

Pills poffered by professional doctors
In placebo white lab coat perfection

All alone in asymetrical alcoholism
Liverless, lifeless, wanna-go-home-and-die-in-my-own-bed-ness
Speechless, Spineless, shoulda-made-better-choices-while-i-hadda-chance mess

Time ticks by torturously
The second hand, punctual as ever

Injury ails the almost-dead
Illness as well as depression

Almost up, almost gone, almost here

Almost all alone at last
Almost home at long, long last
Almost there...

Knock Knock

I knocked once
Because I was lost

I knocked twice
With no response

So I sat down
And waited for
Death to open
My final door

I pondered my life as
I traced shapes in sand

I was pondering my life
When I remembered again

That I still had more
In life to do....

More sights to see
More tastes to taste
More lives to share
More joy to bring

I remembered not to wait
But to rather anticipate...