Hey guys, I'm currently on the lookout for some effects for my bass. I know I'd be better off with stompboxes, and such but I want a multi effects pedal that can do mostly funk and some rock music. Like envelope filter, wah, compressor, etc.

My price range is anything, I just don't want to spend much more than like $500. Whatever is best bang for the buck would be great.

I don't know anything about pedals and effects so your help will be much appreciated.

Edit: If it's just better to get a few stompboxes with the effects I want (like envelope filter, muff, and compressor) let me know. Again, I know nothing about effects
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I recall this analogy about multi-effects pedals vs. single pedals:

Let's say each effect is a "job" in a factory. Would you prefer one "big person" do each individual job in the factory, or would you prefer several "smaller people" performing each individual job?

This isn't meant to be a strike on multi-effects pedals; I own a Digitech BP50, and it does a pretty good job with its effects. I definitely make more use of my ODB-3, Digidelay and tuner as individual effects and pedals, though.
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I have the digitech BP200 and remember it being pretty good. (Haven't used it in years) It has everything you want plus a lot more and the effects were pretty customizable if I remember correctly. I think I paid $200 for it. I would recommend it but I think single effect stomp boxes are usually better.

I also accidentally spilled chocolate milk on it one time (whole bottle of it) and it still work fine after 20 mins of drying. So you know its durable

the left pedal on my bp200 stopped working after about 4 years of normal use. it was an easy fix though, just a loose connection.
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Anybody have any thoughts on the MXR M-82 envelope filter?
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