So I got a cold this week and have been making electronic music every few months or so when something comes up and I still want to make music of some sort.

The current trend so why not?

I use Ableton Live, Ozone 4, NI Massive

Look for suggestions on song structure, synth programming, arrangement, mixing

Anyone who is really into this type of music, I would love if you would pm me so we could talk shop

As always c4c!

Doesnt sound bad, but the synth could use some work. Personally, I prefer the super thick synth tones of guys like Skrillex and Chrispy. Other than that, it sounded cool, the drums were pretty nice, and the overall structure was pretty cool.

C4C -

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I like dubstep a good bit.

Sounded pretty good. Though it didn't really sound too dubsteppy to me. It had some elements of it in there though. Though I don't mean that in a bad way. Different is good.

The drop was pretty neat, but could use maybe a little bit more power. Maybe some heavier synth rhythms underneath it. Possibly distorted.

I also started a first attempt at making a dubstep track.
Maybe I'll post it up here soon.
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