I made a youtube video a while back thats simply a thrash remake of Tenacious D's Master Exploder. I made all of the music myself and put the original Master Exploder vocals on it. The video just qualified to have ads put on it and that would help me earn a little bit of money. However, in the guidelines it says:

If your video contains content created by someone else, you must have their written permission to use and make money from it.

I am assuming that this applies to my situation so I wonder if it is possible to get permission and how I would go about doing it. I already state in the description that the vocals belong to Tenacious D but I assume that is probably not enough. Anybody have any insight on this? Thanks.

Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KQMafB_5g0
To get permission you'd have to email or call what ever label The D are on, and then GETTING that permission is VERY unlikely.
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You'd have to find a way to contact Jack and Kyle themselves or their label. Chances are, if you're going to profit from this video, they're going to say no or want a cut.
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Chance it mate.
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You need to contact whatever label they happen to be on. Royalties aren't cheap either. It's going to be AT LEAST $1,500+.
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Or you could just put copyright to Tenacious D and whatever label they're on in the description and just hope nobody notices.
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Yeah I could chance it but I'm not entirely sure it would be worth it for the profit I am most likely going to make. The video only got about 2000 views since May. Does anybody have any knowledge about making money off ads on Youtube? Would it be very profitable with only about 20 views a day?
Options are to either take video down because you will never get their permission without spending a hell of a lot more than you are making, change it so that it doesn't use copyrighted material, or you can chance it, but if the label finds out that you are using their stuff I think they can sue you, and I bet they can hire a better lawyer than you can.

I would just say make other videos to try and profit on?
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