Real Name:
Dylan Debelis



Portland, OR/NYC, NY

Favourite Artists:

Elliott Smith, Sage Francis, the Mountain Goats and the other six thousand

Most Inspirational Writer:

John mother****ing Danielle and Paul mother****ing Francis. every time i talk with them, meet em, or listen to their music i ****ing want to blow up a dam somewhere far far away with the beautiful hope of destructive essences

Favourite poem (published writer):


Why Do You Write:
tonight, protesting
wallstreet titacular
freeing vernacular from the deathgrips
of little boys post suburbia whiplash
underage dranking the subliminal
21 years perpetual depression-ridden criminal
taking sabbatical every other classical breakdown
from highschool till the present day
cant shake the shaking from me
tilting the rubix knife between chastity and promiscuity
lords know where my syllables end up
but science knows i've effected at least one of y'alls brain chemistry

Favourite word(s):


Favourite Writer(s) on UG:

You. Of course. But also. **** you. Cause whatever.

Most Helpful Critic:

Jamie, Joris, Matt, Randy, Carmel, Subway, Snowblind, Dan, Zackk, I'm drunk, theres more, dotdotdashshaddash

What Do You Do Especially, to Find Inspiration:

know exactly what words give you hope that words can give you hope and hound them like a seeker missle. rinse repeat patterns in sonics until you understand how to/break up the how to/shake up whats taken for granted into contradictions of how to/speak with unbridled confidence. theres also mad biddies.

Your Most Recent Work and the Reason Behind It:

cause, **** bush. we used to be the 99% before they learned how to properly calculate matricies.

Tips for Newer Writers:
Stay relevant. You live in a world of atheism and social media, not the pope and Yeats AB rhyming. know your tools, know your audience, execute again and again and again until you cant turn back and you spill blood every open mic jam- either yours or theirs- make those ****ers who showed up to see you uncomfortable because thats what they need, not what they desire.

What’s your goal in writing:

speak it until i'm dead

Final Comments or Thoughts:

every time you guys vote me for WOTM i am honored. you guys (the ones that have been around) have literally seen me at my lowest ebb in a self-directed egotistical gutter where i was killing every real relationship around me. thank you to everyone who has ever felt better because of my emonicity. y'all are a foundation i will come back to as long as i can and as long as y'all are here. I love y'all like a cutter loves his blade or a pedophile loves a ballpit. and whatever.


if a boy writes off the world its done with sloppy mispelled words if a girl writes off the world its done in cursive
-Non-Prophets "The Cure"

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speaking of which, read this piece randy wrote or something- this is where everything started for me- this, the piece he wants to be remembered for when he dies:


Well-deserved, dyldaramus. And as far as that piece by Randy, I remember reading way back all of those 4-5 years ago when he first posted it (and I was the first to comment on it as I have just realized upon clicking the link) and it was also pretty inspirational to me.
ew, gross, allen.

good to have you around dylan. lord knows it's all about the biddies.
Anatomy Anatomy
Whale Blue Review

Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
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hell nah!
Spoilt sport! Fine then, I'll wait until next month when someone BETTER wins WotW.
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I think he meant "hell nah, of course i dont mind"

Congrats! That was one of the most creative questionnaire I've seen here...

...I'll try to beat this level of creativity when I win WotM