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I learned a whole bunch of different riffs before finally learning 'Just like heaven', by the Cure, all the way through. Still my favourite song to play!
Please let me keep this memory, just this one ..
I know the first song I tried to play was "Stairway to Heaven."

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Dance of Death - Iron Maiden

Well I tried to play but let's face it almost 2 years later I still can't play that song start to finish, it's just such a beastly song.
la bamba is whare i started to learn... but my first proper song i played was "the man in love with you" by george strait
Wild thing I think, my dad taught it to me, and probably wonderwall. But I learnt whats my age again which was probably my first proper learnt cover. Girls use to love that one...not so anymore trolol.
Possibly some crap cheesy power-chord song.

But first proper song I learned: Fallout - John Frusciante.
The simple version of Ode to Joy. But if we're talking about "newer" songs, the the first one that I learned from start to finish was Tell Me Baby. Except I couldn't get the solo at the time. So the first song I learned from start to finish, solo included, would be Californication... or Otherside... or By The Way, but that doesn't have a solo.
By The Way, final answer.

But then again... never mind, I'm gonna stop.

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But first proper song I learned: Fallout - John Frusciante.

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'Jumper' by Third Eye Blind.

I had played the bass for a while before that though, and 'The Joker' by Steve Miller Band was the first song I had played on that instrument. When I tried to play Jumper, I felt like chords were so hard to play, haha.
The first popular song I learned to play all the way through on guitar was House of the Rising Sun by the Animals. I remember thinking it was so cool to be able to play the whole song.
Highway to Hell-First whole song
Smells Like Teen Spirit-First attempted
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The first thing I learned on guitar was Brain Stew by Green Day. Didn't even start with scales or anything, just picked up a guitar and jumped to that song.
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The first popular song I learned to play all the way through on guitar was House of the Rising Sun by the Animals. I remember thinking it was so cool to be able to play the whole song.

as far as I can remember that's the first song I learnt to play the whole way through aswell, but I just strummed it
Psalm of Lydia by Nevermore learnt it in one day sweeps and all, first time playin the geetar! I SUCK MY OWN DICK ON EASTER WOOO!
My friend taught me how to play Scotty Doesn't Know by Lustra. I shit myself when I actually got it down haha.
Hi all,

Noob here, will introduce myself after this post (IF there is a new members thread???) I have had a Guitar for best part of 20 years and NEVER learnt to play until last Christmas when I got bored of my Xbox360.

Anyways, moving on ...

I did learn many intro's and bit parts over the twenty or so years, mostly little bits of Pink Floyd, but the first 'whole song' with a begining a middle and an end was ''Creep'' by Radiohead. I also recorded it for posterity.
Which can be heard here ...

Please go easy on me.

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The Red by Chevelle. Four years later and still a great song to crank out
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Fake wings by Yuki Kajiura. Its from one my favorite animes. its.. beautiful and simple
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i started with sweet dreams by mansion.
on a dang mini harmony electric! hahaha
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