Well, my band really wants to play the song, "In The Air Tonight" - the cover by Nonpoint (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPfAQdtguTs). But its in Drop C, which is a real bitch because the rest of our songs are in Drop D - and its a short and quick gig we're practicing for.

Now, if I understand it correctly, Drop D is just a step up from Drop C, so it could still sound alright, just higher? I guess this is a problem, but I just wanna make sure.
Yes, you're correct.
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It sounds normal
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As long as all the instruments are in tune with each other, the song will sound right. If you transpose a Drop C song to Drop D the only people who would notice are those who know the song really well and have amazing relative pitch or those with perfect pitch.
ya go for it. it will work fine. u should adjust your tuning to you vocalist's range. if he has trouble hitting high notes u can all tune low, ect.
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