Hi again,
I have the option to buy used V500 for 588 dollars or M1000 for 823. Those are fine prices, because in Europe everything is damn expensive (about 2x more as new).

Other option would be to change my Warbeast WMD and pay about 294 dollars for the 1000 series.

Body shape is not problem. EMGs too (though the 1000 has 81/85, V500 81/81). I like to play sometimes with tremolo, but It does not matter much.

I once hold the EC1000 and I liked the shape of the neck. Reminded me shape of my WMD, which is thicker though.

Anybody has experience with comparison of 500 series (now probably 400) VS 1000?

Still very unsure, what guitar should I buy from those and if I should change it for my WMD, which is quite nice too.

Thanks for opinions
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the 1000 series is just an improvement in materials and quality compared to the 400/500 series. Both are fine instruments, but you have less of a chance of getting a lemon with the M-1000.
If you're not going to use the tremolo very frequently, I'd suggest to stay away from the M1000. I think you pay a lot for the tremolo, not for a better overall guitar. Don't get me wrong, the M1000 might be a better built instrument, but notworth an extra 250€.