So I'm thinking of building a vintage Mick Mars Kramer and I found a pointed big K little r neck, but no locking nut...

What is the process to put a locking nut on there and how hard would it be? I'd Google it but I can't really come up with the right search terms so I'm stuck... If someone has a link, that'd be cool too
afaik locking nut is bit wider than regular nut and it's screwed directly to the neck/head, so it would most likely require some sanding (maybe even cutting a bit off, depending on how exactly is the nut hole shaped) and some drilling as well. You can find some videos on youtube that can show you more precisely what kind of change would be required (just search for 'how to instal locking nut')
Is the headstock angled or straight? If it's straight, you shouldn't have too much difficulty putting it on, but if it's angled, it'll be quite a bit harder to pull off.